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Welcome to TexanBrew
Friday, February 05 2016 @ 09:30 PM EST

Welcome To TexanBrew!

TexanBrew BrewerySean Lewis, and I, Scott DeWalt, decided to have a little fun and brew a batch of homebrew. From the first batch we were hooked. Now my wife, Michelle, describes this new hobby as our "obsession" when she's feeling charitable; our "religion" when she's not.

TexanBrew Brewery is the basis for a lot of fun and has been the result of way too much money spent. This RHEMS (Recirculating Heat Exchanging Mash System) is based on many systems found on the web. BTW, I use "recirculating" because it is the accepted term for this type of brewery. How does one recirculate a circulation?

Brewing beer is neither complicated nor expensive. It's the responsibility of the brewer to make it as complicated and expensive as their wives will allow. Great beer is made in small pots in a kitchen; our beer is made in larger pots in the garage. People have been brewing spectacular beers for thousands of years; we've been brewing mediocre beers for a few months. Since we've been brewing for months, we're naturally experts. Read on, you'll see we have all the answers -- its just the questions that have us confused.

The Stand
Done! See it here.

The TexanBrew Brewery
There is a running question as to when the brewery will be finished. I hope this effort is a work-in-progress that will continue to evolve and change as we learn better methods or change styles.

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Been a while!

Yesterday I brewed at DeFalco's. It was hot but fun.

Thanks to everyone who came by.